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Although this SS sword is not maker marked from the style of the fittings the maker is with out doubt Paul Muller of Dachau (PMD) who had a contract with the Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler to produce edged weapons for the SS, he is probably best know for his fabulous and extremely rare SS birthday swords.The beautiful hilt fittings are the silver chrome type which is correct for a PMD produced sword.The black wooden grip is in perfect condition.The blade is plain and un-marked which most PMD swords are, it is in mint condition and it is fitted with a brown leather buffer pad which again is the style of buffer pad normally associated with this makers swords.The scabbard has matching chrome like top and bottom fittings and the scabbard retains at least 98% original black paint, the scabbard is slightly narrower than most other makers swords of this style but again this is a feature of PMD swords and it is what you would expect to see.There are no SS acceptance stamps to the sword hilt or scabbard top fitting but this is perfectly correct for a PMD sword. Complete with SS officers sword knot with SS runes to the sword stem and showing light wear. A very rare sword in superb condition by a very desirable maker. [Condition: Near Mint]