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This is an extremely rare dagger and it has been a number of years since i have had one of these to offer for sale. This dagger pattern was adopted in 1934 by the DLV, one year before the introduction of the 1st pattern Luftwaffe dagger which was modeled on it. This impressive example measures 48cm long and all silver metal fittings are nickel silver.The pommel is flat and inset with a brass metal swastika to both sides, the blade tang extends through the pommel and it is then peened over so the dagger can not be dissembled, most DLV's are constructed in this way. The matching DLV crossguard is also inset with a brass swastika to both sides. The blue leather grip is in fine condition and it is wrapped with 13 bands of gilt wire.The long slim blade measures 31cm long and it is in beautiful condition and it has a large panel on the obverse side which is etched with the distributor's or company name, HAST & UHTHOFF DRESEN, the size of the panel is extraordinarily long and reminiscent of panels used for owners names. The scabbard shell and the blade are considerably slimmer than the 1st model Luftwaffe type, the scabbard shell is solid leather and it is in fine condition, it is fitted with 3 nickel silver mounts which are all held in place with a single metal staple to the reverse side of each mount, the bottom mount has the extended tip only found on DLV daggers. Complete with nickel silver chain hanger which is attached to the scabbard mounts with metal S clips which is the type of clips normally seen on DLV daggers and attached to the hilt of the dagger is a silver officers portepee knot. A very nice example of an extremely rare dagger. [Condition: Exc++]