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This is a very unusual prototype HJ knife possibly produced for a special HJ honour guard, this is one of a pair of identical knifes that recently turned up, unfortunately the other one was badly damaged. Silver plated gray metal hilt typical of war time production and the silver platting is about 90% remaining, the wear is mostly to the pommel from the rubbing of the grip strap. The grip plates are most unusual and unique as they are produced in a smooth brown celluloid, the obverse side is factory fitted with the HJ enamel diamond, the enamel shows some wear and age but it is still all complete. The blade is in excellent condition showing just light age, the obverse side is etched with the 1935 / 1941 pattern Eickhorn squirrel trade mark and it is also etched with the Eickorn code being RZM M7/66, the blade is stamped 40 which is for the year of manufacture 1940.The scabbard is in fine condition still retaining at least 95% original black paint. Complete with unique white leather belt loop and grip strap. It is known that the Hitler youth Visited Japan in 1938 for a special state visit and they did wear white leather straps with there edged weapons, the knife I have was obviously produced after that event in 1940 but it does show that white hangers were worn on special occasions. It is also worth noting that the brown colour of the grip is very similar to the colour of the HJ uniform so this might have some significance. What ever this HJ knife was produced for it is 100% original and it is certainly worthy of further research. [Condition: Exc++]