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This is an extremely rare RZM marked vertical frog hanger for for the SA 1933 model dagger. This style of frog hanger is believed to have been worn by the elite SA Regiment Feldherrnhalle, but they were probably also worn by other SA units, this type of hanger is also shown in several of the reference books. The grip securing strap is still in perfect condition and the button still functions, these straps are often broken so it is extremely nice to find a hanger with it still in place. The reverse side is stamped, RZM L2/441/38 (1938 being the year of manufacture). I have not cleaned the hanger but a little bit of brown leather polish will make the hanger near mint condition. A very difficult hanger to find and a great opportunity to make your SA dagger into something very special and highly desirable. [Condition: Exc++]