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This is a really fine example which would be very difficult to improve on. The black wooden grip is in mint condition and it is fitted with silver eagle and SS runes. The hilt fittings are silver plated and they still retain at least 95%% silver finish but probably more. The blade is in mint condition, the obverse side features the SS motto and the reverse side is plain with out a makers name which is correct for the 36 model dagger. The scabbard and chains are also in exceptional condition, the black anodized scabbard still retains most of the factory finish and the scabbard fittings are the silver plated type which perfectly match the hilt fittings and these also retain at least 95% silver finish. The 2nd pattern chain hanger is in fine condition with much factory blacking remaining to the links and with excellent detail to the skulls and runes, the reverse side of one of the links is stamped with the SS runic acceptance stamp. Complete with silver portepee knot which were worn by officers serving with the Waffen SS and also by SD officers.This is a beautiful SS chained leaders dagger which is far nicer than most so if you are looking for one of these rare and very desirable daggers I am sure you will be happy with this one. [Condition: Near Mint]