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This is an extremely nice example of the rare Postchutze leaders dagger.The grip is in fine condition and it is complete with the silver postal grip insignia, there is one tiny chip out of the side of the grip just under the pommel but it is extremely small and hardly worth mentioning.The silver pommel is in fine condition.The silver Postchutze crossguard is also in exceptional condition with no damage to the black enamel swastikas, the under side of the crossguard is stamped DRP and it is also stamped with the postal issue number 1069, only the more desirable early issue postal daggers have these issue markings, later production example are plain with out stampings.The blade is excellent condition and it is by Paul Wayersberg Solingen who was the only official producer of this model dagger, the blade is complete with the leather buffer pad.The scabbard still retains almost all original black paint and it is fitted with matching silver plated fittings. Complete with silver chain hanger, the spring clip is still in working order and the reverse side is marked DRGM which is always seen on these clips if they are original to the dagger (often they become broken and get replaced with a plain clip as the marked examples are almost impossible to find). An extremely nice example of a very rare dagger. [Condition: Exc++]