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I have sold a number of SS Officers Degens over the years but this is the only example I have owned that belonged to a Knight Cross holder. The black wooden grip is in fine condition with no chips or cracks, the circular silver metal SS badge is in fine condition. All silver hilt fittings are in fine condition, the pommel is the correct style which is seen only on SS officers swords and which screws into the hilt of the sword and not the tang of the blade, the interior still retains the factory silver cap. The blade is in superb near mint condition, the obverse side close to the hilt is stamped with the owners SS membership number 59781 which identifies the original owner as SS Lieutenant Colonel Manfred Schonfelder, there is no makers mark to the blade which is correct as many do not. The underside of the metal hilt has the SS Kulturzeichen acceptance stamp. The white leather blade buffer pad is still in place. The scabbard still retains at least 98% original black paint, the lower mount is the preferred SS type with out screw fittings, the upper fitting has the SS acceptance stamp. Complete with SS silver bullion knot with the SS runes to the stem of the acorn. SS Obersturmbanfuhrer Manfred Schonfelder was born on the 18.3.1912 in Hellerau near Dresden (now in Poland). After completing his high school education he joined the SS, his SS membership number was 59781 and he was also a member of the NSDAP, after his initial service as an enlisted man he was selected for Officer training and attended the SS officers school at Bad Tolz, after successfully graduating he was promoted to SS Untersturmfuhrer and posted to the SS Deutschland Regiment, he eventually served as the Adjutant of the 3rd Battalion of the Regiment. On the 9.11.1937 Schonfelder was promoted to SS Obersturmfuher. During the Polish and French Campaigns he was the commander of the 12th machine gun company of the SS Deutschland Regiment. In 1941 he was posted to the Germania Regiment for the invasion of Russia. In 1942 he was posted to the SS Wiking Panzer Division. On the 9.11.1943 Schonfelder was promoted to SS Obersturmbanfuhrer (Lieutenant Colonel). During the fighting at Cherkassy in 1944 Schonfelder prevented the loss of the entire divisions Artillery and which enabled the SS to hold out for further 24 hours and made it possible for the Wiking division to successfully withdrew to new positions and were then able to hold back the Russian forces and prevented the division from being trapped and for them to eventually breakout, for these heroic actions Manfred Schonfelder was awarded the Knights Cross on the 23.2.1944. Schonfelder survived the war and died in 1983. He received a number of awards during his career in the Waffen SS including, SS Officers Sword, the SS Honour Ring, Knights Cross, German Cross in Gold, Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class, Wound Badge, Infantry Assault badge. The sword measures over 100cm or 40 inches long so certainly it is a very long sword.This is a beautiful SS sword which belonged to a very brave SS officer and it is in fine condition. [Condition: Near Mint]