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This superb very large WW1 set comprises, parade mounted set of four medals, Military cross for bravery, War Medal, Victory medal and WW2 Defense medal and it is contained in the original jewelers storage box who probably mounted the medals for the Captain.The King George the 5th Police Special Constabulary medal in leatherette box and which is named to Kinnersley. Set of four miniature 1930's matching parade mounted medals including the Military Cross. Sports medallion in original issue box. WW2 ARP silver hallmarked badge with original issue box. Selection of coloured post cards mostly military designs and with writing to the reverse side. A large grouping of Military photographs of Captain Kinneraley and his comrades, one shows him smoking a pip and wearing his military cross ribbon on his army tunic. Several WW1 military maps. Bunker design maps. Selection of books dealing with artillery guns and military drill including his own note book with hand written details of field gun defense and combat tactics.Various official military documents including, Army orders dated June 6th 1918 listing various military personnel receiving bravery awards including Lieutenant Kinnersleys who is award of the MC. Various letter from 1915/16 attempting to obtain an officers commission but with much difficultly as very few places were available, eventually he received a commission with the Warrickshire Artillery which was a long way from his home in Somerset. Official army document dated 1917 and sending 2nd Lt Kinnersley to France. Newspaper entry for his MC from the Times and dated September the 27th 1918, Lt N.S.Kinnersley RFA , For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in keeping the enemy at bay for a considerable time by laying over open sights whilst subjected to heavy rifle and machine gun fire, he succeeded in evacuating the wounded before retiring and passed through valuable information from time to time. During WW2 Captain Kinnersley served as the commanding officer of an ARP unit (Air Raid Protection), there are two superb photographs of him with his ARP unit and he is actually wearing his medal bar including his military cross on his ARP uniform. A superb large military cross grouping to a very brave officer, i am sure much more could be uncovered with careful research. [Condition: Near Mint]