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The chained NSKK marine leaders dagger is one of the hardest German daggers to find especially when in nice condition with most of the gilt finish remaining, the dagger i have available is in remarkable condition with almost all gilt finish remaining and it is certainly the best example i have owned in over 30 years and in all those years i have only owned three other examples as they are exceedingly hard to find.The crossguards and pommel nut still retain about 95% original gilt finish, the slight wear is to the reverse side probably from rubbing on the original owners tunic. The brown wooden grip is in near mint condition and it is complete with the SA badge and metal eagle. The beautiful blade is in mint condition, the obverse side features the SA motto and the reverse side the the makers details, RZM M7/66 with the 1935 /41 pattern Eickhorn trade mark, Eickhorn is the excepted maker for this model dagger and in my opinion they were the only maker of the NSKK chained marine dagger. The scabbard still retains almost 100% original black paint finish, the scabbard fitting retain all original gilt finish, the condition is really remarkable especially when you consider how thin the gilt finish is on this model dagger. Complete with gilt NSKK chained hanger, having four upper links and five lower links, two of the links are marked on the reverse side, MUSTERSCHUTZ NSKK KORPSFURUNG and RZM M5/8, the spring clip is in fine condition and in working order. An exceptional example, if you are looking for a chained NSKK marine dagger i doubt if you could find a better one than this one. [Condition: Near Mint]