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This style of police hat looks similar to an M43 hat but they are of considerably earlier production being introduced into service in 1939, early examples had metal insignia but by 1942 this was changed to machine woven insignia. Police green wool body with the cloth flaps secured with one silver button, the crown of the cap is piped in police orange waffenfarbe. Attached to the front of the cap is a machine woven police eagle and cockade, this style of insignia was introduced in 1942 but before then they were issued with metal insignia. The interior of the hat features a gray leather sweat band and a quilted liner which is the normal style liner for this model hat. Please see the Bender police book, volume two and also the last two photographs on the site for further details. Some slight sweat staining to the inside but over all it is in superb condition.[Condition: Near Mint]