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This is an early issue SA dagger in superb near mint condition, the blade has a presentation inscription on the reverse side, some experts believe that this inscription exists and that it is original to the period but others consider it is a later addition, a number of daggers exist with this exact same inscription. Because there are some doubts i have priced the dagger at just about what i would charge for it if it had a standard blade without a presentation inscription. All early nickel silver fittings are in fine condition and the lower crossguard is SA group stamped Ha.The pommel nut is very interesting as it is decorated with a swastika, i have seen this several times on SA daggers but certainly not very often.The fine quality brown wooden grip is inset with the SA insignia and a silver eagle, the quality of the grip is exceptional.The blade is in near mint condition, the obverse side features the SA motto and the reverse side has a two line presentation inscription, SA SKIURELTKAMPF 1936 SCHREIBERHAN, and it is then signed, HALZER BRIGADFUHRER, the blade is maker marked Horster Solingen, the quality of the presentation inscription is exceptional but it could still be a latter addition, it is really difficult to say for sure but the blade itself is certainly original. The Scabbard is also in exceptional condition and still retains almost all brown anodized finish and it is fitted with matching nickel silver mounts, one scabbard screw is now missing but the other three are still in place and replacements are fairly easy to find. The dagger itself is original only the inscription is questionable, so a bargain price because of this and especially if the inscription turns out to be original. [Condition: Near Mint]