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This is a late ware example in beautiful condition.The silver plated hilt retains almost all silver plating just showing light wear from the rubbing of the button on the grip strap.The black celluloid grip plates are in mint condition and the obverse side is inset with the HJ enamel swastika diamond. The blade is in near mint condition, the reverse side is stamped RZM M7/33 which is the makers code for F.W.Holler Solingen.The scabbard still retains 100% original black paint and it is fitted with belt loop and grip strap but this is the rare late war type constructed from plastic celluloid, i have had several of these rare hangers in the past but not very many, they are a rare late ware economy measure as leather was needed for the armed forces. A rare variation in exceptional condition and which i can highly recommend.[Condition: Near Mint]