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Although RAD tunics are sometimes available it is extremely rare to find one to a high ranking officer and this is only the 2nd Colonels i have owned in over 30 years. Fine quality four pocket black piped tunic with seven button front and with dark brown collar, this is the style with a closed collar which makes it look more military in appearance. The brown collar is piped in black and it is complete with a matching set of silver bullion collar patches which feature the RAD wheat sheaf design in silver bullion on black velvet backing, the quality is exceptional. Matching silver bullion shoulder straps with black silk weave on black velvet backing and they are complete with two gilt metal rank pips to each for the rank of RAD Colonel.The sleeve of the tunic is complete with swastika arm band and RAD unit patch, a silver bullion spade design with unit numbers in red Roman numerals, XXVIII (28th RAD Regiment). Loops on tunic for one award and a medal ribbon bar.The interior of the tunic is lined in brown silk and it has a large tailors label for,BULAG of MUNCHEN. This is a very attractive tunic and rare being to such a high ranking officer and it is in close to near mint condition. [Condition: Exc++]