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A very nice SA storm troopers brown shirt. The collar of the shirt is piped in black and white twist cord piping, complete with black and white piped shoulder strap with wine red underlay, matching wine red collar patches, the right patch features single rank pip for SA Scharfuhrer and left patch features a crossed spade and pick and the unit number 4, which i believe is for the Pioneer Sturm of SA Sturmbann 4 of Ostland. Attached to the sleeve is a fine quality swastika armband.The shirt is complete with four belt hooks and all of its gold buttons are still remaining. Loops on tunic right hand pocket for two awards and the left hand pocket has loops for one award.The interior of the tunic has traces of a cloth RZM label but this was removed a long time ago. It has become very difficult to find SA brown shirts in recent years. [Condition: Exc++]