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This is the scarce early pattern with black grip. Flame ball pommel is in fine condition.The crossguard is the style that features the fouled anchor on the obverse side and a type of flower pattern on the reverse side which is the correct style for a dagger from this period.The blade is in excellent condition and it is stamped on the obverse side with the WKC knights head trade mark, this is the style used in the 1920's which does not have the company initials.Lightning bolt scabbard with rope suspension bands, there is some slight wear to the scabbard but over all it is extremely nice. This dagger cannot be dismantled as the tang goes through the pommel and it is then peened over and sealed which is typical for a dagger from this period. A difficult dagger to find as the German navy was very small at this time because of the harsh conditions laid down in the Genever convention after WW1 to limit the size of the German armed forces to 100,000 men. [Condition: Exc++]