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Although I have owned several SA General kepis over the last 30+ years this is the 1st NSFK Generals i have ever offered for sale, it is extremely rare. Fine quality blue body and top with silver piping to crown, the side of the kepi is piped with a silver band which is 15mm wide and with silver piping above for the rank's of NSFK Oberfuhrer to Brigadfuhrer. Complete with silver eagle, silver button and black chin strap which is held in place by two black side buttons. The interior of the kepi features a blue/gray artificial silk lining with some age wear to the front and the back from rubbing of the owners head and it is just what you would expect to see, celluloid patch with makers details, Deutsche Handwerksarbeit, Bruno Zins Berlin.The leather sweat band is complete and un-damaged just showing light age and wear. An exceptionally rare Generals hat, most of the membership of the NSFK were eventually transfered to the Luftwaffe so the original owner of this hat possibly became a Luftwaffe General. [Condition: Exc++]