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A beautiful documented and matched pair of gold party badges in almost mint condition. The large 30mm badge is by Deschler but like most it is not maker marked, the gold wreath retains almost all gilt finish and the enamel badge is a fine condition.The reverse side features the more desirable military style pin and it is marked, GES GESCH and it is also stamped with the original owners NSDAP membership number 91877, it also has the air vent hole above the number. The small 25mm badge is also in beautiful condition and it is also by Deschler but again it is not maker marked, the badge retains almost all gilt finish to the wreath and the enamel badge is in perfect condition.The reverse side is fitted with the safety pin style pin and hook and is is stamped with the matching NSDAP membership number 91877 with air vent hole above. Edwald Kieseheuer was born on the 7.11.1906 in Lippstadt. He joined the NSDAP on the 1.7.1928 and the SA sometime after and eventually becoming an SA officer with the rank of SA Obersturmfuhrer. 1935 - 1937 he completed his military national service in the German army achieving the rank of junior NCO. In 1938 he joined the SS and by 1939 he was a member of the SD and based in Bielefeld and with the title of SD Krim Assistant. Complete with research folder containing over 15 pages of research and 3 photographs of Kieseheuer wearing officers uniform and wearing gold party badge and dagger. This truly is a superb historical set and it is the first time i have offered a set of gold party badges to a member of the Reinhard Heydrich's SD organization, it would be very difficult to find a better documented set of gold party badges with such a fascinating history and with an owner so enthusiastically dedicated to National Socialism. [Condition: Near Mint]