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This very nice dagger is especially desirable as it features the large oval pattern Eickhorn trademark which was only used for a very short time on the very earliest of Rohm SS daggers, soon after they changed to the small oval Eickhorn trade mark as it took up considerably less space with the Rohm inscription. All early nickel silver hilt fittings, the lower crossguard is SS group mark I and the under side of the crossguard is stamped with the manufactures bench number 7 and something which you only see on very early production Eickhorn daggers. The black wooden grip is in perfect condition and it is inset with the SS runes and silver eagle.The blade is in near mint condition, the obverse side features the SS motto with almost all factory blacking still remaining to the SS motto, the reverse side has been heavily ground to remove almost all of the offending Rohm inscription but you can still see traces of the letters if carefully examined, the large Eickhorn oval trade mark is in near perfect condition, this is a really nice blade. The black anodized scabbard shows light wear and it is fitted with matching nickel silver fittings, there is one very slight and shallow dent on the reverse side just below the vertical hanger. Complete with a very early style black leather SS vertical hanger, it is interesting to note when lifting the hanger marks can be seen on the scabbard which confirms that the hanger has always been on this scabbard. A really nice SS dagger and this is the first SS Rohm i have owned in in over 35 years which features this very rare early style Eickhorn trademark (please see Tom Wittmann SS dagger book page 72 for a similar example). [Condition: Exc++]