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This is the rare variation RAD mans dagger with full staghorn grip and which were officially produced for only one year from 1934 until 1935 and only by Eickhorn and were probably a prototype before standardization took over. This is a very early impressive RAD dagger produced in early solid nickel silver and so it is very heavy, the quality is exceptional. The grip plates are produced using the highest quality staghorn and the staghorn on this rare early Eickhorn pattern extends completely over the beak,which is different to the latter standard model in which the staghorn ends before the peak. The impressive large scimitar style blade features the RAD motto on the the obverse side, the reverse side is etched RADJ in a triangle and Ges Gesch (patent pending) and below this the very early small oval Eickhorn trade mark which was used until 1935 when it was replaced by the new style trade mark, the blade shows some faint spotting and age but over all it is still very nice and bright.The black anodized scabbard has matching nickel silver mounts and it is in excellent condition. Although this model dagger is normally referred to as an enlisted mans dagger i am sure most of these very early full stag grip types were issued to officers as the official officers pattern dagger was not issued until 1937. A rare chance to obtain one of these rare RAD full stag grip daggers, it has been many years since i have had one to offer for sale.