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Police NCO's swords which feature the SS runes to the pommel are a very rare model to find and shows that the original owner was also a full member of the SS. The black wooden grip is in mint condition and it is inset with the police eagle and swastika to the obverse side.The hilt still retains at least 90% original silver plated finish, the pommel features the SS runes which was a special option from the maker and was only available for policemen who were also full members of the SS, it is only the 2nd NCO example i have owned in over 35 years which includes the SS runes, they are extremely hard to find.The blade shows some very faint spotting but it is still extremely nice, there is no makers mark which is typical for an SS sword but it is stamped with SS runes. The black painted scabbard still retains at least 90% original black paint but it does show age wear so it is not mint but it is still nice and perfectly matches the sword. [Condition: Exc++]