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This is a very large tie pin which measures approximately 4 inches or 10cm long and it is produced in 14ct gold.The tie pin features a long wide bar and attached to the center of the bar is a shield bearing Hermann Goring's family coat of arms which is then inset with over 80 red stones (they appear to be rubeys but i am not sure if they are).The reverse side of the shield is engraved, 12.1.1938 which is Goring's birthday so this was obviously a birthday gift and it is also stamped with the gold content number 585 which is the German mark for 14ct gold. The tie pin is fitted with original gold safety chain and hook (Goring obviously would not want to lose such a beautiful birthday present).Complete with original leatherette presentation box with the original manufactures details printed to the interior of the lid, Juweller Roller Chemnitze Konigstrasse , this was a very popular high end 1930s German jeweler. Provenance, this gold Herman Goring tie pin was at one time part of the famous Dr Julian Milestone collection of the USA, i purchased this item from him about 25 years ago along with a silver cigarette box which is featured in the archive section of the site, I sold them both to a collector but recently he has decided to let several items go and so i was very happy to own them again. An exceptional item of museum quality. [Condition: Near Mint]