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Brass lions head hilt in fine condition, the crossguard features the naval anchor with Royal crown above.The white fish skin grip is in fine condition. The hilt / scabbard locking fitting is still in perfect working order. The blade is double etched and features two long floral panels which feature crowned anchor, George the 5th Royal cypher and also a presentation panel with original owners initials, DHCC, the blade is also etched with makers details but they are very lightly etched and so difficult to decipher but the maker appears to be Geives of London, the blade shows some light age spotting but over all it is still in extremely nice condition. Complete with matching scabbard in fine condition, black leather shell with brass fittings, the reverse side of the upper fitting is also engraved with the original owners initials and it is also fitted with an unusual metal badge featuring naval anchor with crossed flags, what this signify's i am not sure but possibly a naval position or specialty. As the dirk has a full set of initials it should be possible to discover the original owners name and service in the navy and which would make an interesting research project. [Condition: Exc++]