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This is an original example of the very rare 2nd pattern Blood Order medal which is one of the highest awards of the NSDAP, this example has considerable wear and some condition issues but it is priced at the fraction of the cost of a perfect example.The obverse side of the medal features a large eagle clutching a wreath with the historical date 9 NOV and Munchen 1923-1933. The reverse side features the Feldherrnhalle monument over which is a swastika with motto, UND IHR DOCH GESIEGT (and yet you have conquered), below the monument it is stamped with the medal issue number 2045 and also the silver mark 800. This medal has had a hard life, at some time in its distant past a small hole has been drilled close to the suspension loop so it could be attached to a key ring and for many years it has knocked against the keys causing scratches,nicks and pitting, it has also lost all of its frosted finish and with some knocks to the rim of the medal. When I obtained the medal the suspension loop was detached but this has been re-attached and i have also managed to obtain a length of blood order ribbon to complete the medal. A good silver restorer would be able to fill the hole and almost certainly improve the medal. The 2nd pattern Blood order was mainly awarded to Austrians who took part in in the Austrian putsch in 1934 which was an attempt to topple the Austrian government and replace it with Nazi government, some medals were also awarded to Germans who had suffered imprisonment or serious injury in the service of the NSDAP during the years of struggle, Martin Bormann received such an award for his time spent in prison for political murder in the 1920's. Although the condition is not the best it is still a fascinating medal that has seen a lot of history.[Condition: Exc]