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A superb quality silver hallmarked pocket size tobacco box. The silver lid is inset in coloured enamel with date 1915, the Welsh Regiment's prince of wales plumes and motto and below this XV WELSH. Opening the lid is interesting and very clever as it is opened by gentle pressure being put to both sides of the case and then the lid springs open, the interior features silver marks for Birmingham 1914 and makers name Mappin & Webb. The 15th Battalion (XV) of the Welch Regiment was raised in Carmmarthenshire in October 1914 soon after the declaration of war, after training in Wales and at Winchester the battalion was sent to France arriving in December 1915, in 1916 they were in action on the Somme at Memetz wood and suffered severe causalities, for the rest of 1916 the battalion was resting and refitting. In 1917 they were in action in the third battle of Ypres. In 1918 they were action again at the Somme, the battle of the Hindenburg line and the final advance in Picardy. This silver tobacco box was possibly a gift given to the officer before his departure to France in 1915 and would have been almost certainly with him at the battle of the Somme and possibly at other battles, an amazing piece of history of exceptional quality. [Condition: Near Mint]