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This dagger would normally be priced far higher than my asking price and the reason for this reduced asking price is that the blade is just very slightly shorter than the standard issue Luftwaffe blade.There are two possibility's for this, the blade being a private order the officer might have requested a slightly shorter blade or the other possibility is that the blade has been slightly reduced in length but there are no signs of this or of re-pointing so it is a bit of a mystery but what ever the reason this is an exceptional quality damascus blade. Over the last 35+ years i have only owned two other daggers by Fridericus with damasus blades, an army and a Luftwaffe, the Luftwaffe sold several year ago for over 10,000. The dark orange celluloid grip is in mint condition. The pommel still retains some original gilt finish to the swastikas with excellent detail to the Luftwaffe eagle crossguard. The blade is obviously the most important part of this dagger and the damasus is of exceptional quality featuring a beautiful and highly detailed patern, there are a few age smudges in the background of the damasus but basically it is still extremely nice, the obverse side features the makers details, Fridericus Solingen the lettering being raised out of the damascus in script, this is an extremely impressive blade and if it has been re-pointed there are no signs of it but i suppose that it is always a possibility.The tang of the blade is plain with out any marking, the marking if there were any were removed when it was fitted to the grip by the factory in the late 1930's or early 1940's, which is often the case with damasus blades. The matching scabbard is in fine condition. Bargain price for a Third Reich damascus dagger by a very desirable maker. The last photograph is for a blade size comparison with a standard Luftwaffe dagger and it is not included in the price.[Condition: Exc++]