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During the 1920's secret society's existed in Germany especially in the university's and attracting a right wing membership, they were basically political debating / drinking clubs and apparently some of the membership carried daggers and this is one of those, they are fairly rare as in the last 30+ years this is only the 3rd example i have owned. The dagger is rather striking and scary in appearance, all the metal hilt fitting are produced in brass, the pommel is modeled as a human skull and it is highly detailed, the crossguard is designed as crossed human bones (skull and crossbones). The grip is black leather with a gilt wire wrap. The blade is polished steel, it is bright but shows some age and minor wear. Black leather scabbard is in excellent condition and it is fitted with brass mounts. I have seen at least one of these daggers in the past described as an SS prototype dagger and priced very highly & considerably more than what i am asking for mine, obviously it is not an SS daggers but it would certainly have made a great design for one. [Condition: Exc++]