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A beautiful Japanese tanto dagger dating to about 1880. The blade is in excellent condition with the hammon still visible and showing just very light age wear.The hilt and scabbard are completely decorated in the most beautiful cloisonne enamel work and it is in mint condition, black enamel background with coloured floral enamel decoration in pink, light green, blue and yellow, the matching cloisonne handle is also decorated with two enameled Japanese birds, the quality of the work in exceptional.The upper and lower mounts are constructed in brass which has been beautifully engraved with matching floral designs. The overall size of the Tanto is about 37cm long with a blade measuring over 20cm. Cloisonne / enamel work has been produced in many country's over the years but the Japanese took it to a new level of art in the late 19th century and this Tanto is a fine example of this art form. [Condition: Near Mint]