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These very rare Luftwaffe honour goblets were Hermann Goring's personal award to his aircrews, most were awarded to flight engineers, air gunners and radio operators but this example is especially interesting and desirable as the original owner was a pilot. This fine silver goblet stands at just over 8 inches in height and it has never been cleaned and it has a very attractive black age patina. The obverse side of the Goblet features two eagles in combat, the reverse side features the design of the iron cross with swastika and date. Around the base of the goblet is the description of the award, FUR BESONDERE LEISTUNG IM LUFTKREIG, hand engraved above this is the presentation inscription, FELDWEBEL ALFONS STRATER AM 7.11.42. The base of the goblet is stamped with the makers details, Feinsilber Alpaka Auflage Jon Wagner & Sohn. Complete with photocopy document from the Luftwaffe service list confirming that Alfons Strater was a pilot. [Condition: Near Mint]