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The large open crown brass pommel and the imperial crossguard still retain some original gilt finish. Ivory grip has a couple of faint hairline cracks which are often seen in old ivory and is actually nice to see as they add much character to the grip. The damascuse blade is a superb example in fine condition, it is the water pattern damascuse showing excellent detail and much nicer than most, the reverse side is stamped with the WKC knights head trade mark, the obverse side is engraved, DEUTSCHER OFFIZER VEREIN BERLIN, this company was a high class military tailor who obviously also supplied edged weapons to there customers. The matching scabbard is an exceptionally nice deluxe example which is decorated on the obverse and reverse sides with oakleaves and acorns, the scabbard bands and rings are also decorated with oakleaves, the reverse side close to the top features a small swivel ring so the dagger can be worn vertically when attached to the small chain of the straps which is a very unusual extra cost feature which is not seen very often. Complete with rare imperial naval officers dagger knot, there is some wear mostly to the cord close to the ball of the portepee. Imperial naval daggers with damascuse blades and deluxe scabbards are very rare but are still extremely good value when compared to a similar Third Reich naval dagger which would sell for considerably more. [Condition: Exc++]