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This is an extremely rare example of the special HJ honor knife with engraved hilt and it dates from the very earliest period of the NSDAP government probably 1933/34 or just after, the standard HJ knife is almost certainly modeled on this rare early and much larger HJ knife, the size is striking when compared to a standard knife. The pommel is beautifully engraved with the HJ swastika diamond surrounded by decorative oakleaves.The grip plates appear to be wood and are chequered and show light wear and use just as you would expect. The blade is maker marked on the obverse side, KARL WUSTHOF SOLINGEN and which i believe is the only maker of this rare HJ knife pattern, the reverse side is marked Gladiator which they often are, the blade shows wear but over all it is still very nice. The black painted metal scabbard shows age but it is still very good, it might have been re-painted but it is difficult to say for sure but if so certainly many years ago and probably by the original owner. Complete with black leather belt loop and grip retaining strap. A very important and rare knife which is documented in the various reference books but often missing from even advanced collections. Size when in scabbard over 11 inches long. If you are an HJ collector this is a must have knife, the last one i sold was over 20 years ago.The last photograph is for a size comparison with a standard HJ knife and it is not included in the price. [Condition: Exc+]