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This is an extremely early example of a RAD mans dagger which was produced just after the full stag type and can be dated to 1934/35 and at this period this model was worn by both leaders (Fuhrer) and enlisted men. Very heavy silver metal hilt, the reverse side just below the beautiful stag horn grip plates is issue stamped, FU 255. Near mint blade, the obverse side is etched with the RAD motto and the reverse side is etched Ges Gesch & RADJ in a diamond & below this the 1933 / 1935 Eichkhorn small oval trade mark. The scabbard still retains at least 98% original black paint, the wear being to the reverse side, it is complete with matching fittings, the top mount is stamped, FU 255 and which matches the stamping to the dagger hilt. This is a wonderful example, the FU (Fuhrer ?) stamping and the superb condition of the dagger would possibly suggest that it originally belonged to an officer, in 1937 the officers model was introduced and this was then probably put away and forgotten. If you are looking for a special RAD dagger i am sure you will be happy with this one as it really has it all, early Eickhorn maker, personalized and superb condition. [Condition: Near Mint]