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This is one of the rarest car pennants that i have had the pleasure of offering for sale, it is extremely beautiful and highly impressive. At the height of the Third Reich only 43 political leaders held the very high party rank of deputy Gauleiter, the German Reich was split into 43 Gau's and each of these Gau's had one Gauleiter and one deputy Gauleiter with a staff of lower ranking NSDAP officials, so to find any item belonging to a deputy Gauleiter is extremely rare because as stated above there were only 43 people holding this high NSDAP rank at any one time, it is also interesting to note that the Gauleiter's were selected and appointed by Adolf Hitler but the deputy's Gauleiters were normally recommended by Martin Bormann which then gave him great influence in the districts often to the great annoyance of the Gauleiter's. This is the 1939 pattern car pennant which is far more desirable and attractive than the earlier type, the pennant is double sided, the cloth background colour's are red and white with a red border with a small white chain stitched inner border, beautiful fine quality gold bullion eagle and swastika with gold bullion oakleaves below and then Gothic gold bullion letters GL.The pennant is contained in its original protective leather and celluloid cover and amazingly the cover is still in perfect condition as normally these covers are cracked and damaged. The pennant is still complete with the metal car fitting, the top fitting is RZM marked.There is no moth or damage to the cloth pennant but there are a few age marks but much of this could probably be brushed of or carefully cleaned if the pennant was removed from it's protective cover but it is very tightly fitted inside the cover and so i do not want to force it to remove it. Extremely beautiful and this would be a highlight of even the most advanced collection. [Condition: Exc++]