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This is an extremely rare example for an officer, the SS kepi is one of the harder pieces of SS headdress to find and although it was replaced by the peaked cap in 1932 it was still worn as part of the traditional uniform with the brown shirt on special occasions as late as 1940 if not later and it is still actually shown in the 1943 edition of the NSDAP organisation book. Fine quality black wool body with cloth visor, on each side of the kepi there are two sets of air grommets which are often seen on kepis. The crown of the kepi has officers black and silver rank piping, this officers piping and the extra quality of the kepi distinguishes this rare hat from the standard enlisted mans SS kepi.The front of the kepi is complete with early style silver frosted eagle and below this a black button with the early style matching silver frosted SS skull below, the black leather SS style chin strap is held in place with two side buttons.The interior of the kepi has a fine quality black cloth lining with faint size stamp, the brown leather sweat band is in fine condition, the interior of the hat shows just light wear. A very rare hat missing from many collections, this hat comes from an old long established SS collection.
[Condition: Near Mint]