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Red cotton double sided flag with separately applied white circle and black swastika, silver fringe to three sides, the fourth side is fitted with six silver aluminum flag pole suspension rings.The top corner of the flag features the unit corner box, brown wool box with blue border for the Ortsgruppe level of political leadership and with white chain stitched NSDAP unit title, WALTER RAU. It is extremely unusual to find a political leaders flag / standard with a person's name as normally they will display a town name, district or even a village name. After some research i have discovered several possibility's for what this name represents, during the period of the Third Reich it was a common practice to name party and political units after martye's who had died in the service of the party and so this is a possibility, there was also a factory and a large ship named Walter Rau and both of these could have had an NSDAP Ortsgruppe attached to them, i believe that the origin and purpose of this rare NSDAP flag will be one of these and further research should be able to establish which it is. [Condition: Near Mint]