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A very attractive white metal clock featuring the design of a British naval enlisted man holding naval cutlass in one hand and pointing to the Naval fleet with the other, he is wearing full naval uniform with naval hat with the H.M.S Victory cap tally, at the feet of the sailor is a British bull dog and with the motto below, READY AYE READY- ANY TIME. Set into the clock case design is a clock.This extremely attractive clock comes complete with it's original black leatherette case which opens out with two door's to the front, the interior of the case is constructed in white silk and blue velvet, the case is inset for the clock, the base of the case has the inscription, THE NAVY CLOCK BRITISH MAKE THROUGHOUT. Complete with the original manufacturers commemorative card stating that these clocks were produced to commemorate Admiral Jellicoe and his men who have upheld the glorious traditions of the British Navy. The clock movement runs for a short time and then stops, the reason for this is that probably after 100 years the movement needs cleaning and servicing. [Condition: Exc++]