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The NPEA school system was established in 1933 to educate the most gifted German Children who would then hopefully in the years to come would be the new National Socialist leadership, after graduation from the NPEA they were encouraged to seek a career in the armed forces, party or the state organizations.The NPEA being an elite school system there were only about 40 schools ever established, the last one being in 1944 and with probably less than ten thousand students in total and many would never have received a dagger and so NPEA daggers are very rare. The silver plated crossguard's still retain much original silver finish.The brown wooden grip is plain with out insignia which is correct for the students dagger, the reverse side of the grip has some tiny nicks close to the upper crossguard but they are extremely minor. The blade features the NPEA students motto on the obverse side, WEHR SEIN ALS SCHEINEN (be more than you appear to be), the reverse side has the makers details, Karl Burgsmuller Berlin Charlottenburg 5, the blade is in very nice condition with just a few very faint marks from age. The scabbard is the standard Burgsmuller bayonet type and the underside of the scabbard frog stud has the all important stamping 753, the scabbard paint is the standard olive drab colour and it still retains about 85% original paint.The blade buffer pad is still in place which is nice to see as these are often missing. A very difficult dagger to find.[Condition: Exc++]