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This extremely rare set belonged to one man and has never been in a collection before, the original owner served with the SA Group Sudmark in Austria. This SA four pocket brown tunic is the extremely rare SA Bergrock or mountain tunic and this is the first example i have owned in over 30 years, although i have sold many of the standard brown SA tunics.The brown wool tunic features two upper patch pocket and two lower slash pockets, attached to the front of the tunic are 4 silver buttons similar to a standard SA tunic but above this is a 5th metal button and a brown celluloid button so the tunic can be worn closed at the neck which was unique to the SA bergrock tunic, the collar of the tunic is piped in pink and white this being the SA group colours, the matching collar patches are also pink, the right collar patch features a single rank bar and metal pip for the rank of SA Oberscharfuhrer, the left collar patch features crossed metal pick and spade for the pioneers and the SA unit number for a member of the staff of SA Sturm 20.The tunic is fitted with correct single shoulder strap, pink and white piping on pink backing. Attached to the upper left pocket is a woven brown SA lanyard, the tunic is complete with swastika arm band, the interior features paper RZM tag and also an official SA unit stamp which is marked, Pionier Sturm 20 / GP5 Neselbach (this is a small town near Graz in Austria), this stamping perfectly matches the tunic collar patch unit number. There are loops on the tunic for one award and medal ribbon bar.The interior of the tunic is semi lined in the typical late 1930s style and it is complete with a cloth RZM tag. Brown wool ribbed breeches are the style worn by the SA and also other party organizations such as the HJ and NSDAP. Brown leather belt complete with brass buckle featuring the SA eagle and swastika. SA kepi, fine looking example showing light wear and produced in brown wool with a pink (Sudmark) center band, attached to the side of the kepi is a pink patch with silver aluminum edelweiss which is the unique insignia for the Sudmark SA group, the front of the kepi features silver eagle, single silver button and brown leather chin strap, the interior of the hat has a brown water proof lining and a leather sweat band, there is also a large black issue stamp which is a little worn now but appears to be, Unverkauflick GR.R. SA GU. An extremely rare and important complete SA uniform, a great addition for an SA collector, uniform collector or museum, this is probably one of the nicest and rarest SA uniforms i have owned. [Condition: Exc++]