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Large bronze medallion,obverse side features a large eagle and swastika with the eagle looking over its shoulder,with insciption,Der Reichsminister fur Ernahrung und Landwirtschaft Fur Zuchterische Teisrungen,reverse side features a flock of nine sheep and inscription below,Staats Ehrenpreis (state honor prize).Complete with black leatherette case of issue,the lid of the case features a superb large open wing gilt eagle,the inside base of the box is constructed in red velvet and inside lid of the box is white silk,the design of the award has imprinted into the white silk.Unusual rare agricultural award that would have been awarded by the Reich agricultural minister,Richleiter and SS general Richard Walther Darre.The Medallion has a nice old age patina as it has never been cleaned. [Condition: Exc++]