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This superb rare set was purchased as a complete collection belonging to a Gau level political leader. For pocket brown political leaders tunic still retaining all gilt eagle and swastika buttons, the collar is piped in red for Gau Level, complete with matching rare embroidered red velvet collar patches with red edge piping and featuring a gold bullion eagle with single oakleaf to each for the rank of Abschnitsleiter (section leader). Superb political leaders arm band, red wool arm band with white circle with black swastika with gold border,with double borders of gold oak leaves and with red piping to both edges for, Leiter Einer Haupstelle. The tunic is fitted with its original awards comprising, WW1 Iron cross 2nd class with rare screw back fitting (the tunic is specially fitted by a tailor to except a screw back award), War service cross 1st class without swords, Nurnberg 1933 Gau badge and the NSDAP party badge, the button hole of the tunic is fitted with the ribbon for the war service cross 2nd class.The interior of the tunic has the standard gold silk lining. A fine quality set of matching political leaders breeches with gilt eagle and swastika political buttons and with large RZM label to the inside. Brown leather political leaders belt complete with large gilt eagle and swastika buckle, the buckle is marked on the reverse side, RZM M4/27. Political leaders Gau level peaked cap, a fine looking cap with a good high front, political brown top with dark brown velvet center band with red piping for Gau Level, complete with gilt metal eagle, cockade and gilt cap cords.The Interior of the hat features a gold silk lining with celluloid patch with some sweat staining, the under side of the sweat band features the RZM tag. A very nice set all belonging to one man who was a ranking political leader and rare being Gau level. No moth or damage just very light wear, this is truly a beautiful set. [Condition: Near Mint]