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This extremely rare SS Generals Fuhrer Ausweise card belonged to SS Brigadfuhrer Freidrich Hauser and at the time at which this card was issued he was the leader of SS Abschnitts X1, the card gives his SS membership number and NSDAP number, the card is ink signed by the General, the official photograph shows the Brigadfuhrer wearing an open neck SS tunic with silver piping to the collar and with part of his SS collar patches visible.The reverse side gives the date in 1940 that the card was issued and with official stamps until 1943, the card has the standard printed Himmmler signature and also bears the ink signature of the SS Oberfuhrer who issued the card, he was the leader of the department for officer personnel, this department would have authorized the various SS assignments. The card also has the official stamp to show that the bearer has permission to carry a weapon. SS Brigadfuhrer Freidrich Hauser was born on the 28.12.1898 in Ludwigshafen in the Rheinland and was the son of a cabinet maker, he served in the German army during WW1 until he was wounded and awarded the wound badge. During the 1920's he worked for, I.G.Farben the company that would eventually become notorious with its connection with the concentration camps and its involvement in the extermination of Jews, gypsies and other so called undesirables, so it is feasible and a real possibility that Hauser introduced this company to Himmler especially considering Housers later involvement with the SS Hauptamt. Hauser joined the SS in 1930 and the NSDAP in 1931 and he was commissioned as an SS officer in December 1931 serving with the 10th SS Standarter and specializing in administration and collecting funds from from supporters, he was promoted to SS Sturmbanfuhrer on the 28.2.1934 and became administration officer for SS Abschnitt XXIX and then as administration leader for Oberabschnitt Rhein. In 1935 he was transfered to the SS Hauptamt dealing with recruitment, in 1937 he was transfered to the SS Hauptamt dealing with SS statistics and was promoted to SS Oberfuhrer, he was promoted again in 1940 to SS Brigaderfuhrer and became commander for SS Abschnitt XI. In 1943 he was killed while trying to apprehend an escaped RAF officer. It is extremely difficult to find even an SS officer Ausweis ID card but to a General it is almost unique and this is the only example i have offered for sale in the last 30+ years and if you are an SS or document collector this is probably a unique opportunity.[Condition: Exc++]