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A superb and extremely rare SD Hausauswise ID card which was issued on the 1st of August 1944 to SS Standartenfuhter (Colonel) Kurt Janicke, the card has a red official issue stamp and signature of Der Chef der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD, General Kaltenbrunner, the signature is probably a facsimile as they normally are. Complete with superb photograph of SS Standartenfuhrer Janicke wearing a field gray SS officers tunic with his Standartenfuhrer collar patches clearly visible.This ID card would have given the owner entry to any SD building or office and being a senior member of the secret police almost certainly any other official or privately owned building.SS Standartenfuhrer Kurt Janicke was born on the 22.4.1902, he was a member of the NSDAP and his membership number was 244917 which show's that he joined in about 1930 and would have been classified as an old fighter, his SS membership number is also relatively low being 34998 and he probably joined the SS at a similar time, he was awarded the iron cross 1st class, wound badge, SS honour ring and the SS sword, he was a member of the RSI Hauptamt which is perhaps better know as the SD. An extremely rare SD membership card to a high ranking SS officer. [Condition: Near Mint]