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This is superb named set and it is worth remembering that the eagle order with swords is much harder to find than the version with out swords.The gilt cross is in fine condition with excellent detail to the four eagles, the center of the cross features crossed gilt swords, the white enamel is in fine condition. The reverse side features pin and hook, the pin is silver marked 900. The red leatherette box is in mint condition and the outer lid features the gilt eagle and swastika, the interior base of he box is inset for the award, the lid features the award details and grade. Large citation in original folder or cassette, the cover features the large gold state eagle, the large impressive document awards the German eagle order 2nd class with swords to, DEM COMANDANTE DON VICENTE GIL MENDIZABEL and it is dated 22.5.1939, the document is signed by Adolf Hitler and Staatsminster Meissner, the Hitler signature is probably a facsimile but the Meissner is an original ink signature, the document has an official large impressive blind embossed eagle and swastika seal. Complete with the set is a multi paged book giving the official wearing details of the various eagle order awards. It is interesting to note that the award was made to Major Mendizabel in 1939 at about the same time as awards of the Spanish cross were being made to the German forces who took part in the Spanish civil war, almost certainly Mandizabel had served in the Spanish civil war with General Franco's Fascist forces and many of these officers latter served as volunteers in the battle against Communist Russia in 1941. From recent research I have discovered that Mendizabal served with the Spanish airforce and survived the war and by the 1960's he was a serving Spanish airforce General. A superb important historical set. [Condition: Mint]