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This superb pair of gold party badges are in just about mint condition and belonged to SA Scharfuhrer Franz Jocher. The large badge has a finely detailed gilt wreath decorated with oakleaves with enameled party badge to the center, the reverse side features the scarce military style pin and hook, it is marked GES GESCH and stamped with the owners NSDAP number 82970.The small badge is also an exceptional example with gilt oakleaf wreath and enameled party badge, the reverse side features safety pin style pin and hook and it is stamped with the matching NSDAP party number 82970. The rare NSDAP gold party badge citation is named to PG FRANZ JOCHER of Ebensee and it is dated 16th April 1940, it is ink signed by Reichleiter Franz Xaver Schwarz who also held the rank of SS Oberstgrupenfuhrer (the highest SS rank under Heinrich Himmler, only four SS generals held this rank). Brown SA membership card / book giving Franz Jocher's full details, he was born on the 16.11.1897 in Ebensee, his occupation was machine operator. Jocker served with the SA Sturm 13 of SA Jager Standarter 6, his rank is listed as SA Scharfuhrer. He joined the NSDAP on the 10.10.1928 with party membership number 82970, he joined the SA in 1923 making him an exceptionally early member of the SA. The card lists his award of the long service stripes of the SA for old fighters and which were worn on the tunic cuffs, the card also states that he was awarded the gold party badge and also the SA sports badge in bronze. Official SA stamps from 1940 until 1942, the card is signed by an SA officer, probably his SA unit commander. Complete with photograph of Jocker wearing what looks to be an overcoat without insignia but wearing NSDAP party badge. The last photograph shows a photocopy of a document which we have recently managed to locate from the NSDAP archives concerning Jocker. An extremely nice gold party badge set to a very early member of the SA and the party. [Condition: Near Mint]