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This is a good early example dating to about 1934 or possibly slightly earlier, these early example's are not seen very often for the obvious reason that most were replaced for the new style cap. Brown cloth top, the center band is in the same colour as the body of the hat which is a feature of these early style hats, blue piping for ortsgrupen level of political leadership. Brown patent visor with attractive age crazzing but it is not cracked or damaged in any way. Complete with large early pattern silver eagle and swastika cockade and correct silver cap cords.The interior features early style oilcloth lining and leather sweat band, there is no RZM label as this hat is to early for that. There is a minor old age stain to the top of the hat but it can not be seen when displayed and it is extremely minor. This is an extremely nice looking hat and rare being so early. [Condition: Exc++]