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This extremely rare officers hat would have been worn by a Government official of the justice department, it is identical to the standard1938 pattern Government officials hat but instead of a plain wool center band, the center band of the justice officials hat is constructed in a black ribbed material, this example is especially interesting as the celluloid patch bears the embossed justice insignia which confirms its use. Dark black wool top of the highest quality, black ribbed center band and silver piping.Complete with large government officials eagle, cockade and silver cap cords which are held in place with matching silver metal buttons. The interior of the hat features a fine quality gray leather sweat band showing just light wear, black silk lining with celluloid patch which features the scales of justice design with swastika of the legal department, under the celluloid patch is a paper insert with the original owners name.Complete with black leatherette hat storage box complete with metal lock and carrying handle. Superb looking hat of extreme rarity which can not be overstated and although i have owned a number of Diplomatic and Government officials hats over the last 30 years this is the only Justice officials i have owned or even seen for sale and being named it should be possible to research the original owner who was probably a State Judge. [Condition: Near Mint]