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This is an extremely rare Third Reich sidearm in over 30 years this is only the 4th example i have owned. Hermann Goring formed a forestry service to manage Luftwaffe forestry reserves close to air force instillations and also his own hunting estates such as Carrenhall and it is believed that these rare sidearms were carried by the members of this very small elite forestry organization. These side arms resemble a bayonet but they have no fitment for attachment to a rifle so they can only be used as a hunting knife or parade sidearm. Fine quality stag horn grip plates are in superb condition. The oval steel crossguard is stamped with an issue number. Near mint blade which is marked on the obverse side Waffen Loesche Berlin, the reverse side is marked Ch.A.W, the spine of the blade is marked with a capital H and these are the correct and only marking you will find on an original example of this rare sidearm. The scabbard shows light wear but it still retains at least 90% original black paint. Complete with black leather frog and portepee knot. A very rare knife often missing from even very advanced collections.[Condition: Exc++]