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This is probably the rarest army engraved blade bayonet I have owned in over 30 years as Panzer engraved bayonets are exceptionally rare especially if double engraved but unfortunately there is some slight damage to this example but it is priced accordingly. Almost all silver plating remaining to hilt, the grip plates are in perfect condition. The obverse side of the blade is engraved in a long decorative panel and features a Panzer tank with tank commander in the turret of the tank and the Panzer skull and crossbones in foliage below the tank, long panel with army remembrance motto and the army eagle and swastika, the blade has been carefully sharpened in the past but unfortunately when this was accomplished part of the army eagle was polished out especially the birds wing on the wright side but the swastika amazingly is still in perfect condition. The reverse side features a long panel which is engraved, PANZER ABTEILUNG 24 and which is still in perfect condition, the blade is also nicely stamped with the Eickhorn Solingen 1935 /41 pattern trade mark. The matching short model scabbard still retains about 90% original black paint with one small dent to the reverse side. The bayonet is priced very realistically at a bargain price, if the blade was in mint condition the asking price would be at least three times my asking price. [Condition: Exc+]