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This interesting example started life as an SS Rohm honour dagger, in 1936 or just after the officer replaced the scabbard with a chained example but retained his original dagger, this is not unusual we often see this. All early nickel silver hilt fittings, the lower crossguard reverse side is stamped with the SS district stamp I. The black ebony grip is in excellent condition and it is fitted with the SS runic badge and silver eagle. The blade shows age wear and some spotting but it is still bright, the obverse side features the SS motto, the reverse side has been professionally factory ground to remove the offending Rohm inscription and when this was accomplished they also removed the makers trade mark so now it is plain with out inscription or trade mark so it nicly conforms to the 1936 pattern. The scabbard still retains at least 90% original black paint, the scabbard fittings are in excellent condition showing light wear, the center mount is decorated with linked swastikas. The chain hanger is the 1st pattern which is a lot harder to find than the 2nd pattern, inside the clover leaf you can see part of the letters of the DRGM stamping which you normally see on these scarce 1st pattern chains, the reverse side of one of the links has the SS acceptance stamp, the chain shows light wear. This SS officers dagger is not in mint condition and shows wear but it is priced accordingly and it is considerably under the normal retail price. [Condition: Exc+]