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This is an extremely nice looking example with a good high front. Brown top with dark brown velvet center band and blue piping for Ortsgruppe level.Complete with large impressive gilt metal cockade, gilt eagle and gold bullion chin cords which are held in place with two matching gilt metal buttons. The interior features a high quality silk lining and plain celluloid patch which is about 20% complete, the rest is lost to time. Fine quality leather sweat band is in perfect condition, the underside has a large RZM label. The cap originally comes from an eastern European uniform archive and the interior has a large official archive stamp and it is also stamped DS. Many uniforms were captured in 1945 and placed in official eastern European archives and museums, when the various communist governments collapsed these items were released into the collectors market in the early 1990's. A very nice looking high quality example with an interesting history. [Condition: Exc++]