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The Blood Order medal is one of the highest awards of the NSDAP and was held in high esteem during the period and certainly since by collectors and historians and It has been several years since i have been able to offer a blood order medal as they have become exceptionally difficult to obtain recently, the example I have available is a 2nd pattern in superb near mint condition. The obverse side features a highly detailed eagle clutching a wreath with date 9 Nov and to the viewers right, Munchen 1923-33. The reverse side features the highly detailed Feldherrnhalle monument with large swastika and inscription which translates to, AND YET YOU HAVE CONQUERED, the medal is also stamped at the bottom with issue number 4024 and the silver content number 800. The medal still retains almost all original silver frosted finish just showing very light wear from being actually worn.Complete with original ribbon. It is believed that there were less the 4500 blood orders awarded making it one of the harder awards to find and it is considerably rarer than the knights cross and in my opinion much better value. [Condition: Near Mint]